The Pros and Cons of Summer Skin

The Pros and Cons of Summer Skin

The Pros and Cons of Summer Skin

We all love summer! Relaxing days at the beach and pool, picnics with friends and long days to stay active. As the temperature rises the clothes lessen.  To stay cool, flowy dresses, skirts and shorts are worn which means skin touching skin. We have a saying in our house during the summer….”hot skin, don’t touch! There is nothing worse than the feeling of hot sweaty skin touching hot sweaty skin!

Some may have “thigh gap,” and if you do, you will sail thru the summer with a breeze.  The majority of us have meaty thighs that gravitate towards each other. The more you walk, the more friction is created sometimes feeling as though flames are beginning to flare up.

Been there? Luckily for you, there is a new purse size product on the market called SKIN SLICK™. SKIN SLICK™ is a continuous spray skin lubricant that is easy to use and safe to share. With a single press spraying on the inner thigh, under the arm, bra, or seams that are poky and rub, SKIN SLICK™ acts as a second skin protecting you from what is rubbing you raw! SKIN SLICK™ also prevents any sort of blistering or skin irritation caused by a rubbing strap or heel from a shoe. Due to the water resistant properties, SKIN SLICK™ will remain on until removed with the combination of soap and water and will not harm fabrics.

No need to suffer from sticking skin anymore. Keep you summer days comfortable and enjoyable with a simple squirt of SKIN SLICK™.

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