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About Us

SBR SPORTS, INC. not only believes in Solar and Green Technology, the entire product line of TRISWIM, TRISLIDE and FOGGIES is produced in a facility that utilizes 100,00 watts of solar energy. This allows manufacturing to maximize energy efficiency, minimize waste, reduce climate-damaging emissions, and encourage environmental values. Installing motion activated lighting, hundreds of low energy demand fixtures and an assortment of other low power consumption practices enables SBR SPORTS, INC. to reduce their carbon footprint and overall effect on the environment. Not only are the contents produced with "Green Technology," but packaging is created using materials that are fully recyclable.

SBR SPORTS INC. is intimately linked with the health of our planet. We're doing our part to minimize our impact on the environment and to reduce our dependence on the power grid. The combination of power management massive solar installation, not only lowered the factory's overall operating costs, it cut them in half. 

SBR Sports, Inc. offers education and personal care products that promote entire body health and well being.

SBR Sports Incorporated was established in 2003 by Karen Allard as the parent company of the TRISWIM line of Hair & Body products. The company acronym stands for Swim, Bike, Run, the endurance sports in a triathlon, from which Karen conceived the idea for her brand. 

A former stay-at-home Mom with a previous career in commercial real estate, Karen discovered a passion for triathlon in 2001 and has since become a leading age group triathlete and USAT Certified Coach. Her involvement in the sport drew her attention to the hazards of prolonged exposure to the chlorine and other chemicals used to maintain swimming pools that lead to hair and skin damage. Of the countless beauty products in the market, Karen found only a couple that addressed these problems. Unfortunately they proved to be not only cost prohibitive but disappointingly ineffective in dealing with her concerns. Karen realized then that she would have to produce her own solution.

Consulting with some of the world's most renowned labs and award-winning chemists, Karen spent a year in development, carefully selecting the precise blend of healthy ingredients that would ultimately produce effective results. She then subjected each prototype to trials under the rigorous conditions of her athletic training. Consequently she arrived at the ideal products: salon quality grade shampoo, conditioner, body wash and lotion enhanced to safely remove chlorine, chemical pollutants and build up from hair and skin while locking in nourishing moisture.

Many people are surprised to learn that aerosol products are also one of the most environmentally compatible forms of packaging. Aerosol products do not harm the earth's ozone layer, and they do reduce waste through their long product shelf life and minimum spillage. Aerosol products provide important safety benefits by being tamper-resistant and tamper-evident. They require no mixing and are completely recyclable.
As you wander down the aisles of the grocery store, do you realize how many products lining the shelves are benefiting from aerosol technology? Without it, products like shaving cream and whipped cream would be much different, if not non-existent. Aerosol technology is a part of our everyday lives, and yet many people still don't realize how safe and beneficial aerosol products are.


Chlorine, used in swimming pools, is a bleach and it does have a damaging effect on hair. Not only does it affect the texture and color of the hair, but it can also weaken hair at the follicle. Magazines often have advertisements for products that are designed to protect the hair from chlorine damage but many of these products on the market will 'strip' the chlorine from your hair. The ingredients in TRISWIM products work to gently cleanse hair and remove elements without using harsh ingredients and help prevent further damage to hair and skin while swimming.

While we are on the subject of swimmer's hair, let's add some info about sun damage. The same vitamins that can help heal sunburns can also soothe skin and even prevent damage.

Until now, the only defense our skin has had against sunburn was sunscreens. Research confirms some of the UVB radiation from the sun which is not blocked by sunscreens can penetrate into the epidermis layers of the skin and cause sunburn.

Application of vitamin C and vitamin E in the appropriate topical formulation applied to the skin under a UVB sunscreen with zinc oxide can add protection against UVB damage, including sunburn. Even after sun exposure and sunburn damage, vitamin C and vitamin E, when applied in an appropriate topical formulation, can help prevent skin damage due to the anti-inflammatory properties of these antioxidant vitamins.

Did you know that chlorine chemically bonds to hair, actually changing its structure?
Combined with sun exposed skin and high levels of absorption, chlorine can also irritate skin resulting
in a red, itchy rash. Chlorine-out products are not all created equal, so take the time to read about our
quality ingredients and how they are recommended by dermatologists and athletes alike.

According to a new study, children who swim in pools that are 'over treated' with chlorine may have an increased risk for allergies or asthma. Adolescents who have spent 1,000 hours or more swimming were eight times more likely to develop asthma. Chlorine is effective when used correctly, but too much chlorine irritates organs. Chlorine also irritates the skin, upper respiratory tract, and eyes. This study is published in the September 2009 issue of Pediatrics.

The best advice from leading dermatologists suggests using a chlorine removal shampoo and chlorine removal body wash immediately after swimming. This helps to prevent the lasting effects of overexposure such as dryness, itching, hay fever and other allergies.