Why Chlorine & How To Easily & Effectively Remove Chemical/Odor From Hair & Skin

Why Chlorine & How To Easily & Effectively Remove Chemical/Odor From Hair & Skin

We cannot get away from Chlorine. Chlorine is in our tap water, pool water, and even pools that are “salt water” turn into Chlorine. Why is Chlorine in our water? The chemical is put into our water to kill water-borne diseases such as bacteria (Ecoli and Giardia) and viruses.

Drinking tap water with small amounts of Chlorine is not harmful, however, swimming in Chlorinated water can wreak havoc on the skin and hair! What happens is the chemical attaches itself to follicles and the body and unless it is removed, the buildup will cause skin to become painfully dry, itchy, cracked and the scalp/hair to become dry, brassy, unmanageable and sometimes take on a greenish tint. Swimmers commonly experience eczema and dandruff.

Regular soaps, shampoos and even “clarifying shampoos” simply will not remove Chlorine and odor from either the hair or skin. You can scrub, and scrub, and the chemical simply will not come off. TRISWIM is a full line that is specifically formulated to remove Chlorine and Salt Water from the hair and skin. When lathering the shampoo and body wash, the ingredients work together to sequester the molecules and allow them to be released and washed down the drain. Proteins, Organic Aloe Vera, Vitamins A & E, Pro Vitamin B5, Chamomile and Watercress moisturize, and hydrate. TRISWIM scented with grapefruit, mango, lime blossom and Japanese Yuzu, is safe for color treated hair and encouraged to use daily to help keep hair and skin healthy and happy.  Purchase here

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