Swimmer's Acne

Swimmer's Acne

Why do swimmers tend to break out? The culprit is Chlorine from countless hours in the pool. Chlorine is a drying agent. If the chemical is left on the face, the pores overcompensate and create more oils which then throws off the pH and blocks pores thus creating acne. 

Luckily, there is a solution found in DERMASPORT. DERMASPORT was specifically formulated to remove the problem; Chlorine.

The DERMASPORT Facial Skincare Line includes:

Facial Sunscreen
• Protects skin from chlorine and UV rays
• Smudge and water resistant (80 mins)

Gentle Facial Cleanser
• Gently washes away sunscreen and chlorine
• Restores pH balance with vitamins and antioxidants

Facial Moisturizer
• Hydrates and heals dry, flaky skin
• Repairs skin’s natural barrier protection

Eye Cream
• Visibly reduces goggle marks, dark circles, and wrinkles around eyes
• Peptides and hyaluronic acids firms & smooth skin

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All tap water contains Chlorine which builds up on the skin drying it out and throwing the pH off. DERMASPORT is the first and only facial skin care line that addresses Chlorine buildup which can cause unhealthy skin for both men, women, and teens. Recommended by Dermatologists, DERMASPORT is for active people who want cleaner, tighter younger looking skin.

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