Side Effects of Swimming

Side Effects of Swimming

Swimming is the second most popular recreational activity in the country. As children we have fond memories of playing for hours in backyard pools, competing on swim teams with our summertime friends, staying at a hotel with an indoor pool, or a twisty waterslide. As adults, we seek out real estate with pools or resorts with endless water to lounge around and dip into. With all of that marinating in public pool water, comes the side effects of Chlorine or Salt Water (Salt Water pools turn into Chlorine through the process).

What are these side effects? Some suffer from red prickly dots. We call this “pool rash.” Many times this is accompanied by dry, cracking skin. In regards to the hair, dandruff, itchy scalp, hay like-brassy or green tinted hair are all symptoms of pool water. This occurs because Chlorine is very difficult to remove from the hair and skin. These nasty molecules must be attacked by a combination of ingredients that will sequester the Chlorine, attack, and release. TRISWIM swimmers shampoo is a Chlorine removing shampoo that is specifically formulated to eliminate Chlorine from the hair, while rebuilding stronger follicles leaving it soft and manageable. TRISWIM chlorine removal shampoo also contains a formulation that restores hair, removes the green tint in pool hair, and Watercress / Chamomile that helps relieve symptoms of dandruff. Follow with TRISWIM swimmers conditioner as a polishing formula that will help nourish and rebuild damaged hair.

The skin is a different beast. The side effect of eczema, red prickly dots, dry and itchy skin will at times make it so painful that the swimmer stops swimming. TRISWIM swimmers body wash removes the Chlorine/Salt Water from the skin with its innovative formula that not only attacks the Chlorine, rinses off the skin and down the drain, but hydrates with mega vitamins, Chamomile, Watercress and Aloe Vera. Follow with TRISWIM swimmers lotion; a hydrating formula that was designed for extremely dry skin.

The entire TRISWIM line can be found in travel size 2 oz bottles, and 8.5 oz tubes. Popular with men, women, and children of all ages, TRISWIM Chlorine removing hair and skin care partners with many United States organizations. These include, US Masters Swimming, US Swimming Schools, Triathlon, and US Synchronized Swimming. For more information please visit or purchase here

TRISWIM chlorine removing shampoo, conditioner, body wash and lotion.




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