Testimonials - TRISWIM



"Triswim is a staple in my workout bag and at home. I always use the complete set of shampoo, conditioner and body wash. You can walk out of the pool feeling so very fresh, it almost makes me look forward to my swim! Nothing like topping it all off with my personal favorite, the Body Lotion. This also makes a great make shift massage lotion in case you have any nagging issues in your legs during the day. Just rub a small portion on your calf or quad and it rubs in nicely for a quick loosening up of the muscles – and leaves a great scent!" --Tim Hola, Professional Triathlete

"TRISWIM is perfect for any post swim shower. The shampoo and conditioner have kept my hair healthy despite me swimming five to six times per week. I use the lotion after every swim, and I don't have issues with dry or irritated skin. However, I know when I haven't used it!" --Meghan Faulkenberry, Triathlete

"Chlorine can be super rough on the skin and even hard to get off when you swim as much as we do. Tri Swim eliminates odors and the lotion helps prevents cracked skin and rehydrate. My skin never felt and looked so good!" --Liz Baugher, Professional Triathlete

 "My favorite training ground is the ocean, but the pool is a necessary alternative when the local waters literally freeze over. The toll that pool chemicals and even saltwater take on my hair and skin is brutal. When I am not in the water I am usually in front of an audience speaking, coaching or teaching, and I appreciate the fact that pictures and videos show my ocean stories rather than my skin and hair" --Bruckner Chase, Professional Triathlete


"TriSwim shampoo and conditioner transforms my crunchy, chlorinated hair from hours in the pool into silky, smooth hair I don't usually have as a competitive swimmer. The moisturizing formula also has an incredibly fresh scent as an added benefit!" --Erika Braun, USMS Swimmer

"As a blonde, getting chlorine out of my hair is a must unless I want to turn into a green-frizz monster (think Droop, from the Muppets). TriSwim shampoo and conditioner do that and more- they leave my hair feeling so nice and soft; plus, they smell great! The bodywash and lotion do the same for my skin. Since I’ve started using TriSwim, people no longer guess I’m a swimmer from the chlorine smell radiating off of me hours after I’ve gotten out of the pool; though, the goggle tan lines and man-shoulders probably still give me away" --Savannah Dearden. Triathlete

"Being in the water 3-4 times a week, I use TriSwim regularly in my hair care routine! To keep my cap from ripping my hair out, I even use a little conditioner around my hair line to keep the breakage at a minimum. I also love to use the TriSwim body wash and lotion as it helps keep my skin soft after all those hours in the pool or lake!"  
--Donna Adams, Triathlete

I go through Triswim faster than anything else. Having so much hair, it is hard enough to fit it into a swim cap in the morning, never mind fighting with knots and snarls. I cannot get enough of the shampoo and conditioner and I find that my only complaint is that I wish they sold them by the gallon!  --Shelby Stanton, Triathlete

"I swim 20+ hours a week in the pool, and TRISWIM is the only hair product I’ve used that effectively removes the chlorine and makes my hair feel so healthy! It also smells so amazing!" --Stephanie Peacock, Champion Swimmer


"I've been a competitive swimmer all my life and finding hair care products that keep my hair from looking and feeling like straw and TRISWIM is the first that actually works. And it is safe on my highlights" --Enita Larson, Triathlete