Testimonials - FOGGIES


"Foggies gives my goggles a second life and extends my usage! It's like putting on a fresh pair of brand new goggles after using Foggies"  --Erika Braun, USMS Swimmer

"This product is so helpful for preventing my goggles from fogging up! It’s nice to know that when I’m about to swim a 10K open water race, that I will be able to see the entire time. I use FOGGIES before every race!" --Stephanie Peacock, Champion Swimmer

"I can't tell you how many times I have faced the issue of my goggles fogging up in raced and training. It can be so frustrating, and can quickly ruin your workout. SBR got it right when they released Foggies. I use it before I swim and especially before races. I used it at the 2013 Ironman Florida and was fog free the entire swim and placed 2nd overall among amateurs in the swim. Foggies also never leave my workout bag!" --Tim Hola, Professional Triathlete

"From goggles to sunglasses and transitioning between as an ocean lifeguard and athlete I need to be able to see everything happening in, on and with the water"
--Bruckner Chase, Professional Triathlete

"I love to use Foggies, especially in open water. I always take one and then put it in a plastic baggie so I can re-use it more than once, works like a charm!"​
--Donna Adams, Triathlete

"While I love to swim and race in open water, swimming extra distance because I can’t see the buoys through my goggle-fog is no fun. I now use Foggie wipes to clean my goggles before every race so I can see the buoys and landmarks easily. The convenient packaging makes them perfect for stuffing in my race bag or even up my wetsuit sleeve to have available before the start" -- Savannah Deardon, Triathlete

"With all the humidity and swear with living in Texas, I am thankful for my Foggies that help keep my sunglasses and goggles FOG-FREE!"
--Liz Baugher, Professional Triathlete

"I love these wipes for all my eyewear--from the pool to the ski slopes they keep the fog off and the lenses clear" --Anita Larson, Triathlete 

"Foggies have been the most effective way to get past that obstacle and I find that they are in the right price range for a college athlete!" --Shelby Stanton