Ryan Smith

TRISLIDE and FOGGIES are an absolute must have.  I always have both in my swim bag, and you better believe they are both on my Race Day checklist.  There is nothing worse than struggling to get into your wetsuit, then swimming with foggy goggles, then not being able to get out of your wetsuit, and wait there's more, No TRISLIDE=PAINFUL Rash under your armpits, behind the neck, and those special spots (ouch).  Don’t Forget FOGGIES and TRISLIDE.
  • TRIATHLETE Tip: Spray TRISLIDE or SkinSlick around the rim of your shoe for quick transitions and avoid rash.

How did you get involved in your sport?

The water is my sanctuary. I grew up in Maui and Southern California, and I could swim before I could walk. I literally had to be dragged out of the water as a kid, and not much has changed. Now it is my wife yelling at me from the shore instead of my mom.
Surfing, Paddling, Swimming, Diving, all water sports are my favorite activities, and I have had successes competing in them as well.
Now at 34 years old, I have been introduced to a new sport that has taken over my life. Triathlon. It is a trip, it pushes my limits mentally and physically.

How many miles do you ride per week?
100 - 250 Miles Depending on when race day is

How many yards do you swim per week?
5 - 10 Miles Depending on when race day is

How many miles do you run per week?
12 - 30 Miles Depending on when race day is

Greatest Inspiration
My wife, she battles melanoma, and she goes out there and gives it her all always.. We push each other, support each other, and no matter how bad one of us wants to quit or give up we won’t, and we always try to finish a race or whatever we are doing with a smile and appreciation for life.

Most humbling moment
One surf session in Maui at Dumps, triple over head, beautiful day.  It felt like the best day of surfing I have ever had. Really pushing my turns, getting deep, flying through the fast sections, and all of that.  Then I took one in a little to far, the water sucked out, I was left on dry reef, and now a huge white bubble of wave and foam are charging towards me. Well, I got tossed around like a rag doll, but was able to stumble away bloody, bruised, and filled with wana.  Still one of my favorite days ever of surfing.

Favorite Food