Nadia Ruiz


Nadia Ruiz

TRISWIM: As a triathlete, I find myself training twice daily, which can cause excessive drying of the skin and hair. Fortunately, since I have started using TRISWIM my hair doesn't dry out, doesn't smell like chlorine, and my skin stays hydrated. This is my go to every time I shower.

TRISLIDE: Wetsuits can be difficult to put on every time, but not with TRISLIDE. I lather TRISLIDE very generously on my body when training / racing with a wetsuit and I have never had an issue with chaffing fortunately with the help of TRISLIDE 

FOGGIES: I used to get very frustrated how foggy my googles would get in my pool training. But one clean with FOGGIES keeps my googles fog free and clear to swim.

DERMASPORT: Skin care is very important to me as I have been competing and training outdoors for 19 years. What we do outside of training to care for our skin is just as important. Therefore, I use the four step DERMASPORT skin care products for my face every night before I sleep. DERMASPORT has helped keep my skin clear, hydrated, and healthy.