Megan Monroy

Sport has always been a part of life! Always preferred doing rather than watching sport from childhood.  Being out in nature makes me feel alive!  Found my true passion for the ocean when I was in my early teens as a competitive swimmer, water polo player, surfer and lifeguard.  It wasn’t until later, I found that I had a natural gift in endurance sport so I raced in triathlon for a while until recently where I turned back to my roots in the water.  I use casual swimming biking and running to stay in shape for my new sports!  Last summer I completed the Rock2Rock prone paddle board race from Catalina Island to California while learning kiteboarding.  This year, I finally let my friends teach me (speed) water skiing on the single ski and having a blast with it!  Im just holding on for dear life as the boat cranks speed.  Water skiing is fun and exciting!  They are currently training me to race for the up and coming season.  Being on or in the water is freeing for me and a place to forget all worries!  Love learning new water sports because you are in constant growth by breaking down your own limitations, scaring yourself, and learning something new daily. 

My CURRENT favorite SBR product is the TriSwim hair conditioner!  Its saved my hair’s life!  I use it after every time I play in the water, which is almost every day.  It has literally saved my delicate hair from breaking off from the harsh elements I put it through plus it doubles as a detangler! 

How many bikes do you own?
How many pets do you have? 
one spoiled cockatoo bird
How many broken bones have you had?
1 (one shattered vertebrae), and multiple ribs broken throughout the years
What temp is your favorite temperature?
90 degrees is a great degree for weather outside of training!  But 78 is the perfect pool workout temp
Favorite Race?
This is a hard question!  It is between Rock2Rock prone paddleboard race and Wildflower Triathlon! Wildflower Triathlon because it’s a magical place and I always loved the beauty and challenge of cycling and running through those hills.  Even swimming in that lake felt like an uphill swim.  And Rock2Rock because I spent the race next to my crew who happened to be two of my favorite friends (teammates) Lexie Kelly and Captain Brady Phillips.  The sea wasn’t kind that day but they were there to encourage and motivate me to the finish.
Favorite Trail?
Running through the steep cliffs of Big Sur take my breath away every time.  Once you make it to the peak, it rewards you with a view overlooking all the cliffs and that majestic ocean. 
Favorite bike ride?
Riding Glendora, to Mt. Baldy, to Crystal Lake with my friends is my all time favorite!  It would take us all day but we would come home with so many stories to tell like when I accidently ran over the snake’s tail and it reacted by jumping straight up between my bike frame along my inner thigh just missing biting my collarbone.  That was one of the loudest screams of my life!
Do you work with a certain charity (who and why)?  
Michael J Fox Foundation to help raise awareness and funds to find a cure for Parkinson’s Disease.
What did your mom or dad teach you?  
Forever grateful for my amazing parents that raised me in a freeing and loving environment.    They gave me the confidence that I can do my very best in whatever I want to pursue.