Marc Mone


Marc Mone

How many races have you participated in?
over 300

How many bikes do you own?
3-Felt Tri Bike, Fuji Road Bike & Trek Mountain Bike

How many tri kits do you own?

How many years have you been racing?
39 Years

How many calories do you eat a day?
About 2000

Greatest Inspiration?
Kurt Madden my swim coach at San Diego Mesa College.  He mentored me, gave me confidence and taught me about working tuff for what you want in life!

Favorite place to vacation and why?
Hawaii has to be my favorite.  Beautiful, Tropical and warm water makes this an awesome destination.  I also proposed to my wife Marcie on Oahu, most memorable

Do you work with a certain charity (who and why)?
In the past I was involved with Team in Training, I raised over $15,000. Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.  My mom is a Lymphoma survivor

What did your mom or dad teach you?
To be honest, committed & persistent!