Jess Manier

TRISWIM - I have long blonde hair and the TRISWIM shampoo and conditioner makes my hair feel and smell great!  It is also really easy to comb out, which used to take a lot of detangler.  The body wash and lotion smell amazing and are very moisturizing.  My whole body feels great after spending so much time in the pool.

TRISLIDE - This makes getting into and out of wetsuits a breeze!  I won't do any triathlons without it.  I often share mine when I'm getting into my suit with others that I see struggling.  It is life changing!

FOGGIES - I used to have to spit into my goggles to defog them every 10-20 minutes. Now I can get in an entire workout without having to worry!  These little packets last a long time, as you can use one wipe over and over again.  Just make sure you fold down the side of the package to keep it air tight.

DERMASPORT - The DERMASPORT line of face products smells amazing and leaves my face feeling fresh and young.  It moisturizes and makes fine lines less dramatic and brings back the elasticity of my skin.   

SKIN SLICK- I have been spraying this on areas that have a tendency to blister of chafe - my under arms, feet, and inner thighs when wearing shorts.  It keeps my skin lubricated throughout my entire workout!