By Karen Allard 

Can you imagine showing up to swim or play in a swimming pool only to see that there is foam growing on the top of a murky pool? To make our pools inviting and reduce water born diseases, Chlorine, or Salt  Water (salt turns into chlorine), shock, and stabilizers are added; you add one chemical, then you need to add two more to balance the pool.  Jump right in!  Sound enticing?

Even though it is winter, we still tend to spend a great deal of time in the pool; kids in swimming school programs, swim teams, aqua aerobics, recreational fun and at resorts. With those countless hours of swimming and splashing, we are essentially marinating in chlorine! During those winter months, gym, community, municipal, and resort pools must increase the levels of Chlorine in order to kill germs, bacteria and dare I say….urine! With these increased levels, not only is Chlorine taking a toll by bleaching and breaking down the fibers of our favorite swim suit, but what is it doing to our skin and hair? We take countless precautions in protecting our eyes and skin from harmful UV rays, but what about protecting our skin and hair from a chemical that is basically invisible to the eye? 

Not only is the Chlorine or Salt Water drying, moving from the pool to a heated office or home during the winter months dries the skin and hair follicles even further! How many of you have experienced dry, itchy and sometimes rashy skin?  How many of you have had to deal with dry, brittle, lifeless hair that is prone to dandruff?  How many of you reek of chlorine for days?  When swimming as much as we do, it is very common to develop these issues.  There is no viable substitute for swimming in Salt Water or Chlorinated pools, so what do we do to eliminate the odorous, dry, itchy skin and hair? 

Chlorine of Salt Water attaches itself to our pores and follicles; this is why after you bathe or shower multiple times, the smell of Chlorine lingers, the skin is itchy/irritated, and the hair is still damaged!  To remove the chemical, Chlorine particles need to be contained and washed down the drain.  Lucky for you, there is TRISWIM Chlorine/Salt Water Out Skin and Hair Care!! These products are not only designed to attack the Chlorine/ Salt Water chemical and wash them completely off but they have mega vitamins, Keratin, proteins, highly moisturizing properties and are salon rated.  Men, Women and Children LOVE TRISWIM! Keep doing with you love by staying comfortable!