Brenda Gustin

I got involved in sport at the age of 13. I became a competitive figure skater and speed skater. From the age of 13-18, that sport taught me how to be disciplined, set goals and work hard to achieve them. Now, as a cyclist, the foundation I set as a young athlete, has helped prepare me to train well as an adult. I love cycling and will put in the work that is necessary to stay competitive, while mentoring others to do the same.

I have taught group fitness classes( over seven different formats) for over twenty years.  I have taught indoor cycle classes for over ten years and love to see how people can change their lives and improve their health with regular exercise. I also enjoy volunteering with the Adaptive PE program at OCC and CAF


My Favorite product made by SBR is ,  Foggies. I have driven 30 miles to get them before a race so I had them(Yes, I actually did this) It is the only goggle defogger I can count on to work. It never bothers my eyes and my lens stay clear for over an hour in the pool. It even works for my scuba mask. I always have a supply of them on hand now.

Dive Slide and TriSlide really helps me slip into my wetsuits. TriSlide makes It is so much easier to get out of the wetsuit quickly after the swim. This helps to shorten transition time. I love to win transitions.

How many races have you participated in?
60 plus

How many bikes do you own?
4 bikes
How many years have you been racing?
How many years diving?
How many broken bones have you had?
What is the highest elevation you have been at (this does not include a plane or rocket)?  
Proudest moment 
Finishing Handicapped Scuba Dive Buddy Certification. It was the hardest thing I have ever done . To help others that are blind, Parapelegic and Quadrapelegic. I was required to assume those disabilities myself while trusting another diver to help me. In the pool and The Ocean.
Favorite bike ride
Zell am See Austria… Breathless Agoney S.Cal, Santa Rosa
Favorite place to vacation and why 
Cozumel, because I have friends that live there and I get to dive and bring others to enjoy the same.. Also because i the first time I used my GoPro to film an athletic event. I filmed under the swim start of a 70.3 triathlon there. World Class Diving, Wall Drift Diving. The fun environment of Mexico with the most wonderful people to share it with
Who is your best friend?
My Husband Roy
Favorite memory of a parent or grandparent 
Memory of my mother and I singing together and being silly while cooking in the dark at a campsite with my dad
What did your mom or dad teach you?
My mother taught me that joy is to be lived. She died before she was able to enjoy the years with the children grown up and on their own. I was 18. She taught me my expiration date was 54. I passed that and keep on going. Embracing as much as I can in life, every day
Do you prefer Flip Flops or Shoes?
flip flops
Do you prefer dogs or cats?
Dogs, the right one though

If you were stranded on a deserted island, what 3 things would you want with you
My scuba gear, a speargun, and lots of shade