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Dive into SPLASH BOX,  A new monthly subscription box,  packed with swim inspired products from your trusted friends at SBR Sports.

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workout without the smell


Concentrate on your workout, not the smell!  The ingredients in the TRISWIM Chlorine Removal Line work to neutralize and remove the Chlorine, Bromine, Salt Water and chemical odor from your skin and in your hair.


Chlorine is Everywhere!!

Ever wonder why your hands are so dry after doing the dishes? Or why the skin on your body feels so itchy after taking a long shower? You seem to immediately rush and grab some lotion to moisturize, only to...

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Are you ready to CRUSH it in the pool?

Splash Box is packed full of swimmer’s hair and skin care products, invented by swimmers, chosen by swimmers, for swimmers!

Splash Box is a monthly subscription box for those who love to swim and don't have the time to shop! 

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Chafing From a Thick Girl's Perspective

Admit it, you wish you had a perfect thigh gap like all those bikini models showing off their hot summer bodies. Well, so do I. It’s hard to live in a world where every woman strives to be “perfect” - perfect body, perfect hair, perfect skin. We continue to work out and eat healthy, yet for some reason, we can’t seem to look like they do. Well I’m here to tell you that “perfect” is overrated.

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How to get into a tech suit fast under 1 min 30 with SKIN SLICK!