Tropical, Hot, Humid Vacation Essentials

Tropical, Hot, Humid Vacation Essentials

As a twenty-something year old, I’ve had the chance to travel to many places around the world. From Hawaii to Paris, Mexico to Italy; some may call me a “travel expert.” However, I’ve made all the typical and unusual vacation mistakes including getting a third-degree burn on the first day of vacation, tearing two ligaments in my ankle on the second day (thankfully this was on another trip), and being so incredibly pained by the constant chafing between my thighs on hot humid trips. Therefore, I am here to share my top 6 essential vacation items to make sure you don’t make the mistakes that I’ve made.


  1. TRISWIM LOTION: After getting burned on almost every vacation I’ve ever been on, I never forget to bring a tube of TRISWIM LOTION. This lotion is the absolute best for curing a bad burn because of the amount of Aloe Vera and other nutrients in it. TRISWIM LOTION actually has more aloe than Aloe Vera Lotion does which makes it a great healing solvent to the skin. You may ask, why not just use pure Aloe Vera? Well, TRISWIM LOTION doesn’t make your skin oily or sticky like Aloe Vera does. It also prevents your skin from the amount of peeling that is about to happen. After a burn, put TRISWIM LOTION on the affected area morning and night. Plus, it smells great and is fragrance friendly for the entire family! Purchase here
  2. Sun Screen: Of course, after reading number 1 above, bring lots of sunscreen to prevent burns. A bad burn can ruin the rest of your vacation, and don’t forget about the pictures you are going to look like an absolute lobster in. Remember to apply your sunscreen every 30 minutes to 1 hour to keep your skin safe from the sun. Purchase here
  3. SKIN SLICK: You know the feeling of your thighs rubbing and sticking together as you try to walk anywhere on a hot and humid day? Well I know that feeling all too well. Chafing anywhere on your body can be so terribly painful and take days to heal, so take some preventative measures. SKIN SLICK is an anti-chafe, anti-blister, and anti-friction continuous spray lubricant that acts as a second skin when sprayed directly to the affected area. SKIN SLICK puts a barrier between you and what is rubbin’ you raw! This amazing product isn’t just for us girls who wear the shortest of shorts, dresses and skirts, but also for guys who suffer when wearing board shorts and nothin’ else underneath. SKIN SLICK keeps skin from sticking to skin! Use this spray prior to the day on places that you know may give you trouble. This water resistant and sweatproof spray has saved me one too many times from ruining a beautiful hike in paradise, time at the beach, or a busy site-seeing day in Europe. Plus, SKIN SLICK will not melt, crumble and since it is a spray, can be shared.  Purchase here
  4. Comfortable Athletic Shoes: Speaking of chafing, having a comfortable pair of shoes that you can wear anytime, anywhere, is extremely essential to a successful vacation. Going to new places is so exciting because of the endless possibilities of adventure, including hiking, site-seeing, and even swimming in some random lake or river. Having a comfortable pair of athletic shoes to wear on any of those occasions will save you a lot of pain and energy on your vacation. Don’t forget to spray SKIN SLICK on your feet and ankles to prevent chafing and blistering!
  5. Pain Reliever: Just in case you forgot your comfortable athletic shoes, a pain reliever like Advil or Tylenol is an essential item everyone should carry on any vacation. The amount of times I have injured myself on vacation, be more active than usual which can create muscle pain, or even just woken up with a massive headache from; a pain reliever will indeed save the day and your vacation. You never know what could go wrong while you are away from home or in a different country, so just to stay on the safe side, carry a bottle of Advil or Tylenol with you in case you tear 2 ligaments in your ankle in Mexico like I did once.
  6. TRISWIM SHAMPOO, CONDITIONER, AND BODY WASH: If we are bringing TRISWIM LOTION, we might as well bring the rest of the line too! TRISWIM SHAMPOO and BODY WASH will successfully remove Chlorine and salt water from your hair and skin. The CONDITIONER hydrates the hair leaving you with soft salon like locks for the evening. Whatever pool or ocean you decided to swim in while being in paradise, TRISWIM removes the harmful elements and puts the nutrients back in the skin and hair with Aloe Vera, Vitamin A, Pro Vitamin B5, Keratin, and Proteins. It is the absolute worst feeling to go to a hotel and use the provided shower products that are not made to remove the chlorine and salt water that you have been marinating in all day! Prevent that feeling and make sure to not forget your TRISWIM SHAMPOO, CONDITIONER, AND BODY WASH!! Purchase here

    Bringing these 6 essential items on your next vacation will ensure you are able to have fun, relax, and not have to worry about what could go wrong next.
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