Introducing SUIT SOAK

Introducing SUIT SOAK

A New Swim | Wetsuit | Tech Suit Cleaner
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This new and innovative formula called SUIT SOAK gently cleans and removes from swimsuits, swim tech suits & neoprene wetsuits:

• Chlorine
• Saltwater
• Hardwater minerals
• Bromine
• Urine
• Odor

Impurities: SUIT SOAK provides an efficient, effective simple cleaning solution for removing unwanted impurities and other contaminants from swimsuits, tech suits & wetsuits. This is crucial for preventing premature material deterioration.

Gentle on Fabrics: SUIT SOAK is designed to be gentle on fabrics. This preserves elasticity, color, and overall quality of swimsuits, tech suits, & wetsuits. This ensures that users can maintain the longevity and quality of their swimwear and gear.

Odor Elimination: SUIT SOAK eliminates unpleasant odors that develop in swimwear, tech suits and in wetsuits. This feature is particularly important for active individuals who regularly engage in water sports and replaces with a tropical citrusy blend and notes of mountain greens.

SUIT SOAK Swimsuit, Wetsuit, Tech Suit Cleaner

Available in two sizes: 12oz & 32oz

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