Chlorine is Everywhere!!

Chlorine is Everywhere!!

Ever wonder why your hands are so dry after doing the dishes? Or why the skin on your body feels so itchy after taking a long shower? You seem to immediately rush and grab some lotion to moisturize, only to suffer through the same thing the next day. The reason this happens is because of a toxic chemical, called Chlorine that is used to fight off unwelcome bacteria in all tap water

A common misconception is that Chlorine is only found in swimming pools; however, it is also found in all tap water and drinking water that we, as humans, absorb, inhale, and digest every day. The EPA, Environmental Protection Agency, requires a maximum amount of Chlorine to be in each milligram of our water supply. For over a century, America has relied on Chlorine as our water disinfectant, and only recently has it been linked to a 93% higher risk of bladder and rectal cancer, as well as an increased risk for coronary heart disease.          

Chlorine is of course safe in small doses; why else would the EPA allow this chemical to enter our bodies? However, most cities will opt for the risks of increased Chlorine in our water supply over a dangerous disease like E. coli or Giardia breaking loose. Even taking a long shower or bath can increase a person’s risk for Chlorine exposure because it enters through the skin, eyes, nose, ears, and especially inhalation.    

Because Chlorine has been proven as the number one culprit for causing skin complications such as itchy, dry, rashy skin, SBR SPORTS INC. has created a solution for you! TRISWIM BODY WASH not only attacks and disintegrates the Chlorine build-up on your skin, but also hydrates it with mega vitamins, Chamomile, Watercress, and Aloe Vera. On top of that, TRISWIM BODY WASH uses Vitamin E and Provitamin B5 as a penetrating moisturizer that acts as a healing agent, making your skin stronger and healthier.

Using TRISWIM BODY WASH means no more itchy, dry skin. Stay healthy, toxin free and younger looking!!  Purchase here

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