Beginning Triathlete Essential Equipment

Beginning Triathlete Essential Equipment

So…. You have caught the “triathlon bug!” What is the “triathlon bug” you may ask? This is when you are obsessed; Training becomes your life, and you seek out like minded people. You read everything you can get your hands on about this amazing sport! Getting started can be confusing. What equipment is essential and what is not.  Listed below is the equipment you will need for a beginning triathlete.


For the swim, you’ll need:

  • Swimsuit

One piece or training bikini for women and jammers for men. Check out popular brands such as FINIS, SPEEDO, JOLYN and SPORTI all available on

  • Triathlon Wetsuit

A Triathlon Wetsuit is different than a surf wetsuit. Triathlon wetsuits are made out of soft pliable neoprene that fits snuggly and helps keep swimmers afloat. Open water swims tend to require a wetsuit, although some races might not allow them due to the water temperature. Be sure to train in a wetsuit prior to your race because the feel is much different than swimming in a swimsuit. Check out popular brands XTERRA, ROKA, and BLUE SEVENTY.

  • Goggles 
    These should fit well without letting in water and feel comfortable. Many state that they have anti-fog lens, but this anti-fog only lasts about 5 swims. When the anti-fog runs out, spit, drops, sprays will all help keep fogging at bay. OR FOGGIES anti-fog cleaning towelettes can be used to not only defog, but clean the lens at the same time. For our favorite goggle, check out SNAKE & PIG GOGGLES available on Amazon or
  • A swim cap
    A swim cap will make you more streamlined and keep your hair out of your eyes. Check out brands such as SPEEDO and SPORTI available on


For the bike, you’ll need:

  • Bike
    While you don’t need a professional bike, you’ll need something light, with gears, and reliable. Do your research and find the right fit. Visiting a bike store they can help you determine what type, brand, and size bike you will need. Once you have your bike, you can have the bike store do a “bike fit” for you. Getting properly fitted is a must. This will help you train more effectively and reduce the risk of any injuries.
  • A helmet
    Stay safe and always protected on the roads with good quality head protection.
  • Bike shorts or pants with chamois pads sewn inside

  • Tight bike jersey with back pockets

  • Cycling shoes
    These shoes snap (called “clip”) into your bike pedals to provide greater efficiency on the cycle.  There are several different clips to choose from that will match your pedals. Speaking with a bike shop employee is the best way to learn what type you need.


For the run, you’ll need:

  • Running shoes: These are all you really need to start running. Make sure they fit well and support your feet. Visiting a run store, an employee will analyze your run gait to determine how you run. Picking a shoe based on whether you are run as a pronator, supinator or run in neutral position will help reduce injury.
  • Running socks

  • Breathable fabric for a shirt

  • Lightweight run shorts or leggings



Other things you’ll probably need for your triathlon include:

  • Anti Chafe and Anti Blister product:  

When exercising, skin is rubbing on skin or fabric. This friction can cause blistering and chafing.  A good skin lubricant applied directly to the skin in prone to problem areas, will provide comfort when in motion. TRISLIDE is a continuous spray skin lubricant that helps ease your tight triathlon wetsuit on, prevents blistering & chafing (for swimming, biking and running) and is the only sharable skin lubricant on the market. It is known in the triathlon market as “the blue can” or “magic in a can.” This is available at, and/or Amazon.

  • Transition bag or swim bag (backpacks)

A good bag will help to keep all your miscellaneous pieces in one place. These bags have vents and since you will more than likely be placing wet clothes and gear inside, it will temporarily help to keep air flowing to the garment.  This bag with comfortable shoulder straps will be used to help transport your race essentials to the transition area. Researching is your best source for these bags.

  • Belt
    There are many styles to pick from. For races, the single belt with toggles or snaps helps keep you bib number affixed to you during your race. For run training, there are belts to help keep everything you need (keys, gels, water bottles, phone) in one place.
  • Chlorine Saltwater Removing Shampoo & Body Wash

You will be spending time in the pool training. With all of that marinading in the water, you will need something that is specifically formulated to remove chlorine and saltwater. TRISWIM makes a shampoo and body wash that removes the chemicals and nourishes with botanicals, proteins, Keratin, and vitamins.  This is available on, and/or Amazon.

  • Miscellaneous

Hat or Visor


Extra pair of swim goggles or cap – you never know when yours will break!

Water Bottle to stay hydrated


  • Lastly And The Most Important, Don’t Forget

A Smile!!!!!

Happy training! 

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