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TRISWIM Aqua Therapy Chlorine Out Hair and Skin Care Line effectively reconditions the hair and skin to combat harsh elements of Chlorinated and salt water in which swimmers, water polo players, divers, aqua aerobics, synchronized swimmers and kids in swimming lessons encounter. TRISWIM Chlorine Removal Swim Shampoo removes green hair and repairs dry and damaged hair. TRISWIM Shampoo is a triathlon shampoo, beach shampoo and swimmers shampoo. TRISWIM Swim Conditioner hydrates, restores and nourishes swimmers hair. TRISWIM Conditioner is a swimmers conditioner and triahtlon conditioner. TRISWIM Body Wash removes Chlorine and Chlorine odor from skin. Heals dry, itchy, flaky skin and helps treat and prevent eczema. TRISWIM Lotion neutralizes Chlorine odor/smell from the skin and heals and soothes the skin. TRISWIM Lotion soothes, relieves and heals sunburns and skin burns. TRISWIM Swim Lotion is also a triathlon lotion and swimmers lotion. TRISWIM's citrus scent is appealing to men, women and children and is considered a salon rated product. No animal testing and it is paraben free. Available in travel size, 8 oz sport tubes and a family sized 64 oz pump container. TRISLIDE is an all sport anti-chafe/anti-friction continuous spray skin lubricant used by triathletes, runners, hockey players, surfers and cyclists. "Think Outside of the Stick" hygenic spray is not messy. Eliminates all skin chafing, "rashing", chamois chafing in cycling, prevents hot spots and blistering on feet while running. TRISLIDE is a great skin chafing treatment. TRISLIDE prevents chafing and prevents blistering. Safe to use with all neoprene wetsuits (triathlon, surf and scuba). Eases entries and creates fast transition times in triathlon. Completely sweat proof and water proof. FOGGLE Anti-Fog Cleaning Towelette not only defogs swim goggles, snow boarding and ski goggles, scuba masks and running and cycling sunglasses, FOGGLE cleans the lens at the same time. TRISWIM has recently been found to remove skunk smell from skin and hair. TRISWIM can also remove the smell of bleach from cleaning supplies from your skin.