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Testimonials - DERMASPORT


 "While I have never had tremendous problems with my skin, I did start to have breakouts when I first began racing. I could never figure out if it was the chlorine, pond water, sweat or other elements. Dermasport was the best solution as after I started using it the breakouts subsided. Honestly, I am very particular about products I use on my hair and skin, SBR Sports Inc. really is the best on the market for triathletes" --Shelby Stanton, Triathlete

"This is a must have to any skincare routine! I am literally obsessed with the quality of Dermasport and helping my face stay breakout free and clean from all my hot, sweaty workouts! My skin has never felt better!" --Donna Adams, Triathlete

"I started using Demasport skin products after I fell in love with the TriSwim hair care line and I could not be happier with them! As a triathlete, I put my skin through a lot everyday: chlorine, sun, dirt, etc. Dermasport wipes that all away and leaves my face feeling so clean and fresh. Too many atheletes forget that their skin is the largest organ of their body- we need to take care of it!" --Savannah Deardon, Triathlete

"As a long time user and believer of SBR Sports products (~10 years), I can honestly say that everyday I use an SBR product.  The Dermasport product line is amazing.  I've never had a facial cleansing routine...but it's the new normal for me at night, and I love it.  The complete set is easy to use and goes a long way for my skin.  Thanks SBR for giving me a better day."  --Tim Hola, Professional Triathlete

"The Dermasport skincare line makes it easy to keep up my skin hydration with their four step products. I felt an immediate difference especially with the light spray toner and eye cream!" --Erika Braun, USMS Swimmer

"I love the eye cream most of all. It makes my "early morning I've had goggles on my eyes" feel so refreshed" --Enita Larson, Triathlete

"I am constantly swimming outside in the sun every single day. My skin can get very dried out from being in the chlorine and sun. The three -step process of DERMASPORT, along with the eye cream, moisturizes my skin so much and finally makes it feel healthy again!" --Stephanie Peacock, Champion Swimmer

"Dermasport leaves my face feeling fresh and looking fresh after a long hard workout!" --Liz Baugher, Triathlete

"A great new product that has kept my face healthy and relatively free of blemishes that normally result from acne related to increased sweat and grime. The cleanser feels great, and the moisturizer goes on well before bedtime" --Meghan Faulkenberry, Triathlete


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